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Kikonai station

Kikonai Station
Kikonai Station Guide Map and Information
Estimated time and fares for taxis (compact class) from Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station to other transportation and sightseeing facilities.
Transportation facilities
Direction Destination Details
Time Fare
Hakodate Hakodate Station Approx. 60 min. Around ¥9,970
Hakodate Airport Approx. 70 min. Around ¥12,040
Esashi/Setana Esashi Port Ferry Terminal Approx. 70 min. Around ¥11,900
Setana Port Ferry Terminal Approx. 185 min. Around ¥31,760
Sightseeing facilities, etc.
Direction Destination Details
Time Fare
Kikonai Town Cape Saraki, resting place of the Kanrin Maru Approx. 12 min. Around ¥2,540
Hakodate Yunokawa Hot Springs Approx. 65 min. Around ¥11,320
Hokuto Trappist Monastery Approx. 25 min. Around ¥4,430
Onuma/Shikabe Onuma Quasi-Natinal Park Approx. 60 min. Around ¥12,710
Matsumae/Fukushima Matsumae Castle and Park Approx. 70 min. Around ¥13,930
Fukushimacho Seikan Tunnel Memorial Hall Approx. 40 min. Around ¥9,000
Shiriuchi Hot Springs Approx. 30 min. Around ¥5,350
Yagoshi Cruise (Kotaniishi) Approx. 35 min. Around ¥5,100
Hiyama Esashi Oiwake Hall/Dashi Hall Approx. 72 min. Around ¥11,950
Yunotai Hot Springs Approx. 35 min. Around ¥6,720
Former Sasanami Family Residence Approx. 60 min. Around ¥10,650
Uzura Hot Springs Approx. 95 min. Around ¥17,150
Otobe Hot Springs Village (Korinso/Asunaru Barrier Free Hotel) Approx. 90 min. Around ¥15,250
  • During late night and early morning periods, from 10 pm to 5 am the following day, an additional 20% surcharge is added to the above fares.
  • The above fares are estimates, and are subject to change depending on traffic, routes taken and other factors.