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The area surrounding Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station(Hakodate, Hokuto, Onuma)

Trappist Monastery(Hokuto)

A catholic monastery with a 120 years history.
The butter and cookies from this monastery are also popular souvenirs.

Established in 1896, this was Japan's first Catholic monastery. The red- brick gothic built monastery comes into view beyond a long hill road which is lined with poplar and Japanese cedar. Well, when autumn arrives to this row of trees, the changing colors of the beautiful autumn leaves on these tall poplar trees can be seen. And half-way up Mt. Maru behind the monastery, a must see is also the figure tinged red with climbing ivy of the statue of Virgin Mary to deify "Lourdes".

At the monastery, land clearing, agriculture and animal husbandry is performed by the monks, Also known as typical Hokkaido's souvenirs are their butter candies, cookies and fermented butters which are produced using traditional manufacturing method. The "Trappist deluxe ice cream" is a unique product made from mixed fermented butter, it is only possible to taste this ice cream at the direct sales shop which located adjacent to the parking lot. Use a Trappist Cookie in place of a spoon and then eat it.

Address392 Mitsuishi, Hokuto TEL0138-75-2139
HoursOnly men can enter into the abbey from 14:00 on every Monday (limited number, apply in advance with a postcard with a reply card attached). ClosedThe direct sales store opens from January to March, closed on Sundays and Thursdays.
Getting there
  1. From Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  2. Hakodate Liner Goryokaku Station
  3. about a 20-minute walk
  4. from the South Hokkaido Railway Oshima-toubetsu Station
  1. From Kikonai Station
  2. about a 20-minute walk
  3. from the South Hokkaido Railway Oshima-toubetsu Station
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