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The area surrounding Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station(Hakodate, Hokuto, Onuma)

Hakodate Wine Budokan headquarters(Nanae)

The direct sales shop of the winery for "Hakodate wine". It is also possible to take a tour in the factory if reservations are made in advance.

Hakodate Wine was established in 1973 aiming to produce Japanese wine suited to the palate of Japanese people. Adjacent to the factory and headquarters of "Hakodate Wine Budokan" in Nanae-cho the winery direct sales shop usually has close to 70 varieties of wine lined up on its shelfs. It is a spot which wine lovers won't be able to resist with free tasting of more than ten varieties of wine, retail store limited wines and various products which has been made from Hakodate wine.

For people who don't have a strong tolerance to alcohol, we recommend the "wine soft ice cream", two types have been prepared by mixing popular brands of red and white, a limited quantity of juice has also been prepared using Nanae town's local specialty apples. It is also possible to take a tour in the wine factory guided by one of the staff if you make an appointment by phone or FAX. And it is also possible to order original label Hakodate wine. How about a bottle as a present for an anniversary or memento?

Address11 Kamifujishiro, Nanaecho TEL0138-65-8170
Hours10:00 - 18:00 ClosedYear-end and New Year holidays, Facility maintenance days
Getting there
  1. From Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  2. near the Hakodate Bus Minamifujisiro
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