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The area surrounding Kikonai station(Kikonai, Matsumae, Esashi)

Matsumae Castle and Park(Matsumae)

It is the last and only traditional style castle in Hokkaido.
The castle town has a distinctive spring appearance when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Matsumae is Japan's most northern castle town. Matsumae Yoshihiro, the founding feudal lord built Matsumae castle on these lands in 1606.
Matsumae Fukuyama castle was completed in 1854 as Japan's last traditional style castle.
In 1941, it was designated a National Treasure but it was destroyed by fire in 1949.
As the present castle towers were rebuilt in 1961, the interior was turned into a museum and now a variety of artifacts of the feudal government period are on display.

Matsumae Park, which boasts an extensive area has Matsumae Castle at its center.
In springtime when the multi-colored cherry blossoms are in full bloom, this area is crowded with people as it is representative of one of Hokkaido's famous places for cherry blossoms.
The park also has a living illustrated encyclopedia with the "Cherry tree specimen garden", the "new cherry tree specimen garden" and the "peony garden/ rose garden".
Again, as Teramachi and the "Matsumae Clan Mansion" which was revived in the feudal government period is also held within the park, you will also be able to enjoy some historical walks and wandering around historical landmarks.

Matsumae Castle
Aza Matsushiro, Matsumaecho
Matsumae Park
Aza Fukushima, Matsumaecho
(Matsumae Castle, Matsumae Park General Information : Matsumaecho Sightseeing Association)
(Matsumae Castle Museum)
Hours‹Matsumae Castle Museum›(last entry 16:30) ClosedFrom December 11 to April 9
Getting there
  1. From Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  2. Hakodate Liner / Bus Hakodate Station
  3. about a 6 minute walk
  4. from Hakodate Bus Matsushiro
  1. From Kikonai Station
  2. about a 6 minute walk
  3. from Hakodate Bus Matsushiro
Fees Adults 360 yen
Elementary and junior high school students 240 yen
Preschoolers Free