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The area surrounding Kikonai station(Kikonai, Matsumae, Esashi)

Fukushimacho Seikan Tunnel Memorial Hall(Fukushima)

Experience the story of the big construction project of the century through visual images and materials.
The tunnel museum with a unique façade.

This is the museum in Fukushima town which was in charge of the base on the Hokkaido side during the construction of the "Seikan Tunnel", which is the world's longest undersea tunnel construction project.
Its façade is unique with two cylinders standing in a row, this is the concept design for where the tunnel emerges above the ground.
One is without even thinking overwhelmed by the force of Japan's first "tunnel boring machine" which had a big role to play in the tunneling project and is on display at the entrance to the memorial hall.

Inside the memorial hall, it is possible to experience through exhibited visual images and materials the story of the tunnel through to completion.
In addition to the precious exhibit materials such as the heavy equipment used, construction records and technical data, there is also an experience corner and a theater where it's possible to see footage which tells the story at the time of the construction.

Among other things, there are workshops where it is possible to have an experience where "the Shinkansen that you color with paint yourself travelling up on the television screen", this workshop is popular with children.

Address32-2 Aza Mitake, Fukushimacho TEL0139-47-3020
Hours9:00 - 17:00 ClosedFrom November 16 to March 16
Getting there
  1. From Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  2. Hakodate Liner / Bus Hakodate
  3. about a 1 minute walk
  4. from Hakodate Bus Seikan Tunnel Kinenkan-mae
  1. From Kikonai Station
  2. about a 1 minute walk
  3. from Hakodate Bus Seikan Tunnel Kinenkan-mae
FeesAdults 400 yen
Elementary, junior high and high school students 200 yen