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The area surrounding Kikonai station(Kikonai, Matsumae, Esashi)

Yagoshi Cruise (Blue Sea Cave)(Shiriuchi)

Enjoy cruising to one's heart's content in the untouched nature.
Enjoy the valuable experience of entering the mysterious "Blue Sea Cave".

The Yagoshi coast in southern Hokkaido is a secluded wilderness which can't be reached from land.
With "Yagoshi Coast Adventures", from the comfort of a small boat you will be able to enjoy the unspoiled nature that survives there.
It's about a 90 minute small boat cruise which sails from Kotaniishi fishing harbor in Shiriuchi town.
Even within Hokkaido, it is one of the few activities where it's possible to have more than enough picturesque scenic spots which have been reduced to bare rock by the sea breeze and waves of the Tsugaru straits and such crystal clear seas.

The "Blue Sea Cave" are the highlight of the cruise.
It seems that permission from the government is required to enter this cave, approval was given to use this cave at the end of about 1 year of negotiations.
If you enter the cave, a mysterious blue space stretches out in front of you just like Capri island in Italy.
So according to hearsay, if you write a wish on a white stone and drop it in the sea, the wish comes true.
Would you not like to steep yourself in the beautiful world of "Yagoshi Blue"?

Address99-8 Aza Kotaniishi, Shiriuchicho TEL01392-6-7854
Hoursaround 6:00 - around 14:50 (varies according to season) Availablefrom May to October
Getting there
  1. From Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  2. Hakodate Liner / Bus Hakodate Station
  3. about a 3 minute walk
  4. from Hakodate Bus Kotaniishi
  1. From Kikonai Station
  2. about a 3 minute walk
  3. from Hakodate Bus Kotaniishi
FeesAdults 4,000 yen
Elementary school students and below 2,500 yen