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Mori Ikameshi (Squid and Rice) (Mori)

An "ekiben" (train station boxed meal) specialty which boasts of being the most popular in Japan.
The rustic good taste which hasn't changed since it was launched.

The "Ika Meshi" ekiben (train station boxed meal) specialty from Mori station boasts of being the number one firm favorite at the Famous Novel Ekiben and National Delicacies Competition which is held at a Tokyo department store.
The bodies of small squid are stuffed with a blend of both glutinous and non-glutinous uncooked rice, kept in position with a toothpick and then tenderized in hot water.
After which, it is further simmered in a soy sauce based secret sauce. They are then boxed and ready to eat.

Ikameshi (Squid and Rice) was created in 1941.
They were the brainchild of manufacturer Abe Shoten (Abe stores) who thought of using these small Japanese flying squid when they were planning what if anything they could use them for, up until then these squid had no value.
The seasoning and manufacturing process also hasn't changed in the slightest and is nearly as it was at the time of launch.
The amount of sale seems to be a lot more at various product exhibitions nationwide compared to locally but in spite of this I still want to try this gem in Morimachi.

Address 112 Miyukicho, Morimachi TEL01374-2-2256
(Ikameshi Abe Shoten)
HoursPlease contact Ikameshi Abe Shoten about where to buy. ClosedJanuary 1
Getting there
  1. From Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  2. near the JR Mori Station
Fees650 yen URL