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The area surrounding Sapporo, Otaru and Noboribetsu(Central Hokkaido)

Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor Center(Samani)

Experience the earth's dynamic activity and fluctuations brought about by beautiful nature which has formed unique geographical features.

Hokkaido Apoi UNESCO World Geopark was the second park in Hokkaido to be designated a Global Geopark and the eight in Japan in September 2015. 
An exhibition, visual images and a commentary are provided related to the industries, culture, history, nature and the geological/geographical features of Samani-cho which is where this center has its facility based.
Again, this center is located at the trailhead leading up to Mt. Apoi so also provides real-time information related to mountain climbing and information such as appearances of bears and in relation to alpine plants.

In the center, with the aid of diorama and panels they introduce in an easy to understand way the native alpine flora which has also been designated as a Special Natural Monument of Japan, the unique coastal land form, beginning with how Mt. Apoi peak was formed which is made from peridotites.
As experts are resident at the center, why not try to get the seasonal information before visiting Samani-cho for sightseeing or going mountain climbing on Mt. Apoi.

Address479-7 Aza Hirau, Samanicho, Samanigun TEL0146-36-3601
HoursApril - November (negotiable for December - March) Opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00 ClosedOpen daily during the open period
Getting there
  1. From Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  2. about a 5-minute drive from the JR Expressway Bus Erimo Samani
  1. From Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  2. to the Hakodate Airport by bus
  3. New Chitose Airport by air
  4. the Donan Bus Express Urakawa Urakawa
  5. about a 5-minute drive from the JR Bus Samani
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