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The area surrounding Asahikawa, Wakkanai and Furano(Northern Hokkaido)

Sea of Clouds Terrace, Hoshino Resorts Tomamu(Shimukappu)

Unkai, or sea of clouds is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs 30-40% of the time. Its mystical beauty will sure kick any sleepiness you may have.

In Tomamu, the sea of clouds will occur only under specific weather conditions early in the morning. Many visitors come to the area during the peak season in hopes of witnessing this breathtaking phenomenon. The sea of clouds does not occur ordinarily for viewing at any time. Visitors are encouraged to consult the forecast released at 3 pm on the day before to plan their visit. Fear not, however, as one will never go home empty handed from a visit to the Terrace which also offers treats other than the sea of clouds.

Cloud Walk is a newly built boardwalk that debuted in September 2015. The walkable deck takes the shape of a cloud extending outwards from the hillside. Once on the deck, you will feel as if you are walking on the clouds. During the winter season, the Terrace is transformed into Rime Terrace, offering a white silvery view that is out of this world. No matter what time of the year you visit, you are sure to enjoy the natural beauty and this ephemeral weather phenomenon that is unique to Tomamu.

AddressAza Nakatomamu, Shimukappumura, Yufutsugun TEL0167-58-1111
HoursVaries depending on season ClosedOperations may stop depending on weather conditions
Getting there
  1. From Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  2. to the Hakodate Airport by bus
  3. New Chitose Airport by air
  4. JR Minamichitose Station
  5. JR Tomamu Station
  6. a 10-minute drive by courtesy bus
Unkai Gondola (round-trip):
Adults 2,200 yen, elementary school students 1,300 yen, pets (dog) 500 yen