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The area surrounding Obihiro, Shiretoko and Kushiro(Eastern Hokkaido)

Shiretoko Pass (Shiretoko National Park)(Rausu)

Stunning scenery from atop the peak of Shiretoko Pass Road. The famous spring time Shiretoko snow wall walk is also a popular draw.

This spot at the top of Shiretoko Pass Road on National Route 334 connecting Rausu Town and Utoro offers stunning views. This includes majestic panoramas overlooking forests of Mongolian oak and Sakhalin fir as well as Mount Rausu and Kunashir Island from an elevation of 740 meters. During the winter Shiretoko Pass sees several meters of snowfall so the road is closed roughly between the end of November and the end of April.

The Shiretoko Pass Road is closed in the winter but right before it opens the Shiretoko snow wall walk is held at the beginning of April. This event allows you to walk up to near the peak of Shiretoko Pass along the road lined with walls of snow after plowing. You need to apply in advance to participate. The event consists of a 6km roundtrip from the Utoro and a 10km roundtrip from Rausu.

AddressRoute 334, Sharicho, Sharigun TEL0153-87-3360
(Shiretoko Rausu Tourism Association)
Hours- Closed-
Getting there
  1. From Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  2. to the Hakodate Airport by bus
  3. New Chitose Airport by air
  4. Memanbetsu Airport by air
  5. the Shari Bus (Abashiri Bus) Utoro Onsen Bus Terminal
  6. near the Shari Bus Shiretokotouge
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